Best Tiffin Services In Mumbai That Will Deliver You Healthy Food

Happiness is homemade and nothing beats the warmth that comes from healthy food cooked with love and care. So, when you are away from home, living in the city of dreams, Mumbai; you are bound to miss your mother’s and grandmother’s cooking.

We know that a few days away from home, you are bound to love a few days of junk food and spending that money away on some exciting new food but you might soon feel your health deteriorating and it burning a hole in your pocket. So it doesn’t have to be that way. Thus this is when these amazing tiffin services in Mumbai step in.

With personalized menus that are crafted to fulfill your nutrition bars, these 10 Tiffin Service in Mumbai will provide you healthy homemade food on a budget at your doorstep!

  1. Mumbai Dabbawala

Established in Mumbai since 1890, the world-famous Mumbai army of 5000 dabbawala’s fulfill the hunger of almost 200,000 Mumbaikars with home cooked food between homes and offices daily! If you are living in Mumbai you definitely don’t need any introduction to the same. They provide healthy home cooked food straight from there kitchen to your table which is appealing to your eye and palate. The food is prepared under hygienic conditions using refined oil. Their philosophy of “Anna Daan is maha Daan”(Donating food is the best charity) touches everyone’s heart.

  1. Spice Box

Serving healthy and wholesome food cooked by Ma and her merry troop’s tiffin service in Mumbai is loved by one and all. This Ghar ka khana is cooked with minimal oil and masalas. The special part is their Friday meals which are always filled with something new and exciting and no dish is repeated all month! They have vast Veg, Non-veg and an alternate meal galore. Ordering food takes only 2 minutes via their website. You can also try their special and delicious Spicebox meal for 1 week to learn and experience for yourself what the hype is about!

  1. Yummy Tiffins

India’s first customized online tiffin service is Yummy Tiffin service in Mumbai! If you are tired of eating baingan/ lauki every day and if your food is dictated by your dabbawalas, then Yummy Tiffin offers you the choice of deciding your own personalized menu! Not just healthy and fresh ingredients, India’s leading nutritionist Neha Chandna designs a diet meal for you as per your health requirements. The food is packed in disposable containers. You can order very easily through their website. For lunch, a day before till 6:00 PM and for dinner the very same day before 12:00 Noon.

  1. Happy Grub

Happy Grub brings you healthy and balanced meals, with a dash of fun and a sprinkle of deliciousness for a healthier and happier you! Their signature health recipes have been designed by nutrition experts and are delivered to your doorstep every day. They only use premium and healthy ingredients including rice bran oil. They even have a customer service to provide you amazing service at any time required. Ordering meals is very easy with card/net banking facilities available and even cancellations can be done easily by an SMS with your Name. Canceled meals are carry forwarded and thus no wastage of money or food!

  1. Vital Foods

Vital Foods started wack in 2003 and has pioneered the health food catering industry in the city with 17 lakh meals delivered all across Mumbai. Nutritionist-approved meals for your diet provides you your ideal meals in 4 packages – Regular, Diet, Mini Meals & Snacks! These customized meal plans have been tailor-made to your taste and dietary preferences. This tiffin service in Mumbai is also ideal for individuals with medical restrictions on food such as Diabetics, Post Surgery meals, no Sodium meals, Gluten or Lactose intolerance and Allergies to certain items.

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