Visit These 5 Best Restaurants In Pune For Scrumptious Food

Pune serves something for everyone’s taste buds! This city has the most fascinating restaurants and the food of this city will totally blow your taste buds. The dining scene in Pune is no less in comparison to many International hubs. From Pan-Asian cuisines to Maharashtrian dishes, Pune as a city rule in terms of food. Here is a list of best restaurants to hit while you are in Pune to stimulate those taste buds.

The Greedy Man Pizzeria

You can’t resist yourself from getting greedy over these lip-smacking pizza in Pune. You cannot call yourself a ‘foodie’ if you haven’t tried pizza from The Greedy Man Pizzeria. Thin crust pizza pepperoni should be on your must-have list from this pizza place in Pune. Not only they make the best scrumptious pizza but the ambience is so homely and pleasant that you can sit there all day long while munching on those delish pizzas. The interior is also quite fascinating as it is decorated with cassettes, recorders, vases, bicycles, rustic paint & retro designs. They are extremely generous with their meat. You will totally regret missing out on this place as it is one of the best restaurants in Pune!


Shizusan has quite an interesting theme! Located at Phoenix Market City, this restaurant gives you a feeling of authenticity from the moment you walk in. The place is done up beautifully and they have incorporated Asian décor to go along with the food. The theme is based on the tales of Shizu across Asia, the food is amazingly delicious and the vibe of this place is absolutely delightful. This is among the few theme based restaurants in Pune which specialize in Japanese, Sushi, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Asian cuisines. This is the perfect combo of amazing taste and tales! Overall the place is an absolute must try!

The Bounty Sizzlers

Bounty Sizzlers is a small, tastefully done up twin-floored A/C restaurant. A few tables are placed outside to accommodate the peak time rush. As expected, Bounty has hordes of sizzlers. The mixed grills come loaded with pork or mutton. The Steak Satellite with a creamy mushroom sauce and slices of cheese on top is another good option. This is one of the best non-veg restaurants in Pune!

Shisha Jazz Bar

Delightful dishes and soothing Jazz music! Sounds like a perfect plan, right? You should head to Shisha Jazz Club for execution of this perfect plan as they serve delish food and the best jazz music in town. This is one of the lavish Iranian best restaurants in Pune for dinner, this place has cushioned benches, classic wooden tables, and there is a lot of greenery which gives you a cozy feel. This place is perfect for romantic dinners and chill outdoor views. Great music. Great food. Great life!

212 All Day Cafe And Bar

One of those places that make their place in your heart with their extremely blissful ambience. The outdoor seating makes your meal soothing and the indoor seating makes it happen. The food served here is really tasty and flavourful, the cuisine being Continental. Situated on the ground floor of the mall with bright lights and white, green and wooden themed décor, the café is welcoming. Focusing on European cuisine, the menu is vast and covers a range of pub grub, comfort food, and our favorite – all-day breakfast. Do not miss out on one of the best breakfast places in Pune.

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