Love Bagels? Here Are 4 Places In Pune You Should Definitely Checkout

Tea Villa Cafe

Pretty setting with good food is the apt vibe of Tea Villa Cafe, Viman Nagar. They serve two kinds of unconventional but mouth-watering bagels; one with Tomato Basil Cheese and the other with Exotic Veggies & Pesto Sauce. Both immensely yummy and popular amongst Punekars. Next time you’re there extend the fun with their Hot Flavoured Coffee options because they’re even better together.

Butter Brews Bistro

Fresh homemade Bagel sandwiches accompanied by their Chef’s special dip is all the comfort food you need in 2020. Trust me when I say, they’ve got every bagel on the table. From the Classic Cream Cheese to Mushroom & Cheddar, Cheese Chilli Nutella (whaaaa…?) to Lamb Kheema and so many more. There aren’t enough people in Pune than.. there are bagels at Butter Brews Bistro and that too at very affordable prices. They even have outdoor seating which BTW is the perfect spot as any to hang out especially during cold monsoon evening.

Frenzy Gourmet

Just as sophisticated as the name suggests, this place is quite an upscale with a limited menu that fortunately has bagels stacked in it. On the sweet side, there are Nutella, Banana, Ice-Cream, etc. Bagels to pick from while on the piquant side there are Fried eggs bagel, Veg patty bagel, Salmon bagel and more. I know you’re drooling already but don’t worry… Frenzy Gourmet is open 24 hours, so you can get your bagel any time of the day…or night you want.

Pune Sandwich Company

Home to a wide range of bagels sandwiches, Pune Sandwich Company By Gourmet Men is a great place to indulge in delicious renditions of already tempting bagels in the most scrumptious way possible. Be it their BLT Bagel (With streaky bacon, veggies, cream cheese & Chef’s special spice sauce) or 3 Cheese Melt In Your Mouth Bagel (That has mozzarella, cheddar and cream cheese) or more, the generous filling is each Bagel Sandwich is a testimony to its high standard and bespoke flavours. And when all of this is served with love and way less money, the experience becomes considerably delightful.

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