Places In Mumbai To Circle Around For The Yummiest Bagels

Probably the only food item that has been to space are BAGELS. And this isn’t an exaggeration but a solid fact. It has been told, in golden words… that in 2008 Astronaut Gregory Camitoff took 18 sesame bagels from a bakery in Montreal, Canada in one of his space missions and with what we’ve read, he looked quite happy & well-fed.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead… cross-check my facts and come back… I’ll wait… Now that you’re thorough with your research let’s take a roundabout to the real reason we started talking about bagels in the first place.

The Bagel Shop

If you think poppy seed, sesame, flaxseed, etc. are the only kinds of bagel you can score, then my, friend…you have some reckoning to do. But before that let me tell you about this cutesy little cafe in Bandra.

The Bagel Shop is one of the chief makers of bagel in Mumbai who not only have the best bagels in town but also serve a variety of them. So, from sweet ones such as The Elvis to veggie one such as Green Gobblin’ to meaty one like Freaky Streaky Bacon; these guys have every bagel right on your table. Go on… have a bite. You’ll love it!

The Nutcracker

If classic beats the new; then The Nutcracker has the best bagel for you. Why… you ask? Well, first of; they have an All-Day Breakfast that we absolutely love and secondly the cream cheese served with a medley of bagels such as classic (of course!), multigrain & caramelized onion is worth a drive to Bandra West any time of the day. Besides, the outdoor seating and picturesque wall are a few more reasons to summon someone who actually likes bagels, to this place. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate a gram-worthy visit to one of the best breakfast places in Mumbai. Right?

Samvene Bagel Cafe

If there ever is a cafe that does justice to its name has to be this one, that too with an Insta-worthy, preppy ambience. Because Samvene Bagel Cafe is serving not one… not two but more than 20 kinds of freshly made bagels all day long. So as long as there are… Breakfast and Egg-whiches Bagels along with some Special Creations and Signature Bagels like Avocado, Crispy Bacon, Meatza, etc. in the world, we can deal with anything. All thanks to this place.

Ellipsis Bakery

If you keep savoury before sweetness, Ellipsis Bakery has the best kind of bagel for you; The Classic Cream Cheese Bagel. For a place where baking is extensive and food is delightful, doubting something as rightful as bagel wouldn’t be fair. So, leave everything or take everything with you (totally your call) and head to this very American-touch bakery in Worli for a bagel you might never forget.

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