About Me

This is an anecdote of a boy born to a Bengali family based in Pune. Devjeet Saha, affectionately called Dev, by his friends, got his first adrenaline rush by speed on his bicycle with stabilizers.

Since his childhood days he found his ultimate thrill in speed. It started with small bicycles, and with age graduated to bikes. When in school he would participate in races with the big boys of his colony on his bicycle with stabilisers. Though the youngest in the lot, he still won!

On several occasions, people would say to his father “Saha Sahab aapka beta bahut fast cycle chalata hai. Zara usko bolo dheere chalaye.”(Mr Saha, your son rides the bicycle very fast, ask him to slow down). But the boy would never slow down rather paced up to replace his bicycles with motor-bikes. Thus began the journey of a ‘Throttling-Rider’ to beat the records, travel across the country and bask in the glory. The media made him a poster boy for the youth as an inspiration for all those who love to ride.

He waited in anticipation for a driving license till the legal age of 18. His father gifted him his first bike – Hero Honda Passion, propelling his passion for long distance rides. Since then, he has ridden on his bike to 14 states and covered more than 3 lakh kms, and still counting!

An engineer by profession, Dev’s father, Mr Dilip Saha spent a good part of his life in various cement factories across the country. He is Dev’s pillar of strength and has always supported his dreams, ambitions and adventures. Dev gets his moral support and attributes his independent nature to his mother Mrs Sukla Saha.

An avid biker, Dev has travelled far and wide, met thousands of people, braved dangerous highways, extreme weather and even accidents. All these have experiences have contributed in shaping his dynamic and versatile personality and career choices.

Academically, he completed a Masters of Business Administration course, specialisation in Marketing from Pune. While doing the management course, he met “The Bike Guru”- Mr Dilip Bam. His dreams got wings, as Mr Bam became his mentor. This was a turning point in his life. Soon he collaborated with his mentor and started a joint business venture – Dzone Group (www.dzoneworld.com), a firm specialising in bike testing.


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