Plan a Fall Road Trip

1. Choose your destinations

Gone are the days when you can do whatever you want and go wherever the road takes you. Many states have travel restrictions in place, and social distancing is a must. National parks and less crowded destinations have become the top choices for most road trippers now.

Once you have selected your destinations, start researching and contacting the places you are visiting – find out if reservations are required, the opening hours, and rules you need to know before you go.

2. Route planning

Don’t leave it to the last minute because the “new normal” requires extra effort and lots of patience. Start planning your route now. Use Travelmath’s calculators to help you plan:

Driving time – find out how long it takes to drive from point A to B

Halfway point – if all you need is just a pit stop at the halfway point between your hometown and your destination, we suggest using the halfway point calculator. Get refueling, grab a meal, and use the restroom.

Stopover points – use the stopover point calculator if you need multiple pit stops. For example, if you drive from New York City to Miami, the calculator suggested stopping around Baltimore, Charlotte, and Orlando.

3. Have a packing list

Besides all the usual travel packing lists, now you can’t leave home without your personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE includes:

  • Face masks
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Disposable gloves
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Hand soap
  • Thermometer
  • First aid kit including medications

4. Limit pit stops

Plan your stops carefully before leaving home to limit contact with others and adhere to social distancing rules. Download the USA Road Stops app to find the rest stops on the Interstates, US, and state highways. It’s best to get health updates and local requirements from the CDC before hitting the road. Check out CDC’s health directories for the 50 states. Don’t go to regions with increased infections.

  • Wear your face masks in public toilets, convenient stores, and when ordering food in a restaurant.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Wear gloves when handling the gas pump at the gas station and when in a place with high touch surfaces.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Pay with credit cards to minimize face-to-face interactions.

5. Plan road trip meals

Look for restaurants that offer curbside or drive through services for meals on the road. Your iExit app will be an excellent source to search for restaurants while you’re on the road. Or pack and prepare your meals and store it in a portable 12V cooler (fridge) for cars or a Yeti cooler. Also, pack non-perishables and perishables that do not require refrigeration. You can always buy more when needed at your destination or while on the road.

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