Best Street Foods Of India That Will Get You Drooling

Indian street food is as diverse and colorful as our culture and rituals. This is the thing that varies from state to state and we take the greatest pleasure and pride of. Whether it’s an office break or chilling time during tuition, no matter what age group, we Indians just can’t resist the urge of digging into these not-so-healthy, yet so-scrumptious roadside delights. The vast variety can’t even be categorized state wise as every city has its own specialty. Whether sweet or salty, Street Food in India offers it all. So keeping this in concern we gonna jot down all the ubiquitously known Indian Street Food across India that would leave you drooling unattractively.

  1. Matar-Kulcha: Dhaba Style Taste At Every Corner

If you are a true street food lover, you surely can’t miss this one. Delhi has some amazing street-side carts that serve this tantalizing treat. The combination of those delicious kulchas with Matar, garnished with heaps of onion, tomatoes and pickle and that thirst quenching glass of raita served with it. It is so popular that you are sure to find at least one cart in every nook and corner.

  1. Momos: The King of Street Food

Momo lovers, raise your hand! I know as well as you do this one dish needs no introduction. Although momos are native to Tibet and Nepal, in India, the North-East hold the bragging rights for it. A spicy roadside cuisine, this Indian street food has escalated from roadside stalls to food centers and food courts in all hot-shot Malls. Tangy spicy red sauce and steaming hot dumplings loaded with veggies or chicken and served with mayonnaise is something that we just cannot resist while walking past the stall on road.

  1. Ram Laddo: A Blessing For Winters

If you haven’t yet tasted this legendary street food, then you’re certainly missing out on something special. Hot and delicious Moong dal ke ladoo, or Ram ladoo, is a perfect snack to satisfy your street food cravings. This lovely combination of fried moong dal ladoos with spicy coriander chutney is immensely appetizing. What makes it even better is the garnishing of grated mooli (radish), which compliments it like anything.

Lakhanpur – the entry point to the state of Jammu & Kashmir is known among the masses as a place sacred for serving – ‘Bhalle’.  A fried snack made from lentils which are best served with shredded radish and green chutney. This is a close cousin of our favorite Ram Laddoos. Several Bhalle stalls line on the sides of the road day and night. Just the sight of vendors carrying this mouthwatering delicacy is enough for people to forget everything about street eating stigma and dig into these small bundles of joy.

  1. Aaloo Tikki: A Buffet of Spices

These fried potato patties, laden with mind-bursting spices, green peas, and onions, are bite-sized nuggets of joy. This crunch potato joy served with cool curd and garnished with the fruit of Pomegranate, Bhel & Coriander is a whole meal in itself. Don’t ever compare it with McDonald’s Aloo Tikki burger. JUST DON’T!

  1. Dal Vada: Snack Down South

One of the popular Indian street food this crispy and flavourful street food is a welcome variation amidst those regular idlis and medu vadas in huge quantities all over South India. Dal vada is made with a mixture of urad, moong and chana dal. It tastes the best when served with generous portions of coconut chutney. Pair it with a piping hot cup of tea or filter coffee and satisfy those hunger pangs!

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