Outfit Ideas To Look Pretty In Pastel

Lilac Outerwear On A Basic Outfit

The simplest way to include a pop of pastel in your outfit is to opt for outerwear in your favourite pastel shade. We’d particularly recommend going for a lilac jacket, shrug or blazer, because of how in-vogue the pastel shade has been this year. Don a basic tee and jeans outfit underneath for a casual partially-pastel ensemble, or a white blouse and black slacks to bring vibrancy to your formal look!

Mint Green Top With Lilac Bottom (Or Vice-Versa!)

In the world of pastels, mint green and lilac/pastel blue go remarkably well together, because both the shades have cool undertones. So an easy way to incorporate this pastel colour combo into your look is to pair a solid pastel green top with simple lilac trousers or vice versa. You don’t necessarily need to stick to pants, and can opt for a bottom piece like a skirt or a pair of paper-bag shorts, for a dressier pastel look. However, do remember to be mindful of whether the pastel shade you’re choosing is flattering for your complexion. For instance, if your skin has warm undertones, it’s better for you to opt for warmer pastel shades like reds, oranges, yellows and blush pinks.

Pastel Oversized Blazer With Barely Seen Shorts

Channel your inner Instagram influencer with this ultra-trendy glam outfit. A pair of basic short shorts or skit under a large solid pastel blazer is one of the hottest looks under this fashion category. If that seems a tad too daring for your taste, you can also opt for a pastel blazer dress with a cinched belt. Accessorise with minimalistic gold chains around the neck, and put your hair in a stylish updo!

Monochrome Pastel Look

First off, let me clear a very common misconception. Monochrome doesn’t just indicate black and white outfits, the word actually stands for pairing together different hues of the same colour. Bearing that in mind, a monochrome play on your pastel outfit would make for a  totally vibrant and funky look. Keep the accessories neutral, or pick the lightest shade of the pastel colour of your choice.

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