Here’s Your Guide To Looking Fab On A Rainy Day!

Keep It Till The Knees

How many times have you walked onto the streets after a bout of rain and skillfully dodged all the puddles, only to discover angry marks of mud and dirty water on the legs of your jeans? The best way to avoid this sad mishap, and also look ultra-trendy, is to go for clothes that fall at or above your knees. Think high-waisted shorts, skater skirts, or tailored midi dresses. If you want to wear pants, it’s advisable to go for cropped trousers that fall somewhere on your calf.

Whip Out Your Rompers

I think monsoons make for the perfect season to don a cute romper. This is a fashion department that comes with a lot of versatility, and depending on where you’re headed you can take your pick. Pin-striped rompers with quarter sleeves, off-shoulder rompers, or ones speckled with a dainty floral print are all immensely chic options, especially when it’s pouring buckets outside.

Flaunt A Printed Scarf

A super cute hack to not just looking stylish, but also protecting your freshly washed hair from droplets of rain, is to sport a statement scarf. Select one with a chic print, like a geometric pattern, something botanical, or the good old Aztec design. Animal prints or bright solid colours that complement the rest of your outfit are clear winners as well. You can wear it around your neck warding off cold gusts of wind, and quickly wrap it around the head when the rain starts to splash.

Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

When you’re dressing for a rainy day, it’s important to be wise about the fabrics you decide to don. You should go for lighter materials that won’t get damaged by exposure to rainwater, and are also quick to dry. Cotton, chiffon or nylon are examples of such light fabrics. On the other hand, heavier material like denim can stay damp through the day, or fabrics like expensive silk are prone to getting wrecked.

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