Tips You Should Swear By While Wearing White

If You’re Wearing A White T-Shirt, Pick Something With Graphics To Hide Stains

This is something that’s always worked for me. I love wearing white, but an all-white top is not only at the danger of being spoilt throughout the day, but just the thought of dropping something makes me super paranoid. So, picking a white t-shirt with a small logo, emblem or some sort of graphic, can really take the attention away from an unintentional lipstick stain. Also, tissues are your best friend during lunch, and just tuck some on to your collar while you eat. Don’t worry about looking funny for 20 minutes or so, that’s a better prospect than sporting a stained white top all day long.

Always Wear Nude Undies With White Anything

When you wear white underwear under a white top, or pair of pants, it ends up looking even more opaque and thus, visible to those around you. White inners tend to show through white fabrics, especially the lighter ones made to be summer-friendly. Nude innerwear is your best shot at avoiding this. Pick something closer to your skin tone, which will blend in and thus look relatively invisible. This is a golden rule we must never forget!

Always Do Your Makeup/Skin Routine Before You Put On A White Top

Look, I don’t want you guys to go through what I went through, okay? Just thinking about how excited I was about my new white sweater, and that giant foundation skid mark I ended up styling it with…makes me shudder. If you’re wearing makeup, especially creamy or liquid products, make sure everything is set in place and dried, before you put your white top on. Same goes for BB cream, moisturiser, or any other cosmetic you might want to wear.

Never Forget Sweat-Absorbing Deodrant

I get it if you’re more of a perfume girl, that’s wonderful. But not when you’re wearing white. I mean sure, you can definitely spritz some after you put your white top on, but always spray sweat-absorbing deodorant under your arms if you’re planning on wearing a white shirt in the summer. Sweat stains aren’t pretty, and you don’t want to run around all day with your hands touching your thighs.


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