5 Places Serving The Best Food in Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk of Purani Dilli near Jama Masjid has always been a food lovers’ paradise and the cuisines that dominate this part of Delhi are Mughlai and Street Food. What is more commonly known as just ‘Chandni Chowk Food or Jama Masjid Food’ is a one-stop place to experience it all. The narrow streets of Old Delhi are filled with places that are history in themselves. Each second shop and stall are decades and centuries-old and that’s what makes the place even more special. Amidst all the everyday hustle and bustle and the chaos of the crowded Old Delhi, there is history, grandeur culture, beautiful artistry, and Scrumptious food.


If you are looking for the most authentic Mughlai food in Delhi, then one of the oldest and delicious foods serving places that needs to be your first stop is the most popular Karim’s which went on to open uncountable chains in and around Delhi in a century. Karim opened in 1913 and each day serves more than 2000 people till now that come from far away places just to try those soft and juicy kebabs and hot and red mutton curries. It is one of the oldest and the best Mughlai restaurants in Delhi without a second thought! And of course, this is the authentic taste of Chandni Chowk Food!

Ashok Chat Corner

Indians And Chaat go hand in hand. Delhi is famous all over the country for its street food and there’s absolutely no better place to enjoy it than in Old Delhi. In the tightest corners where locating any place can be a tense job, this place is very convenient to find as it is located just outside Gate no. 3 of Chawri Bazar Metro Station. The place is one of the oldest in the place and serves the best street food in Delhi. It is delicious, tangy, mouthwatering and just the best!

Aslam Chicken

A gem of the place serving the best of Mughlai and Jama Masjid Food is this 3-story building which is most famous for one ultimate dish which is far apart from anything any other place serves. BUTTER CHICKEN! No, it’s not your regular orange tangy butter chicken, but this is the butteriest, cream chicken you could ever find in any other restaurant. What’s more special in that? Their specialty is that their butter chicken doesn’t consist of a gravy of onions or tomatoes, just pure butter and chicken pieces which are marinated with over twenty spices further roasted and grilled making it absolutely finger licking!

Lalu Kababee

Mouth melting Mughlai Food & kebabs, YUM! This place absolutely has to be a stop on your food walk searching for the best Jama Masjid Food! The seekhs here simply melts in your mouth and is a real value for your money. At Rs 50 for 4 pieces, what better could you ask for? You must try Buff Kebab with Mint Chutney, this is the best of Chandni Chowk food you can find.

Al Jawahar

Old Delhi, Jama Masjid is the hub of Mughlai cuisine and serves the best of non-vegetarian delights we could ever ask for and thus, it shouldn’t actually come across as a surprise that there are so many old and famous food corners dedicated to just authentic Mughali Non-Vegetarian food! A popular restaurant serving Old Delhi food is Al Jawahar. It get’s its name from Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru who is believed to have inaugurated the place after India’s independence. Yes, it’s that old! People travel from far away places and wait in line for their turn to try the most delicious mutton-nihari which is cooked overnight. The secret masalas and desi ghee add to the rich taste of the food making it stand out from its counterparts.

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