Tempting Food Items Which Surprisingly Won’t Let You Gain Weight

What could be better than munching on tasty snacks guilt-free? Add the following healthy Indian snacks in your cart and feel fuller for a longer duration. We definitely know how hard it is to maintain a diet and we’re here to help you out with the same as we’ve got the tastiest food items covered for you which are low in calories. You might be in doubt when you’ll see the names of these dishes but we’re not fooling you, one can easily binge on these food items without thinking about gaining weight as they are high in proteins and low in calories.

Low-Fat Yogurt

Low- Fat Yoghurt is a delicious and creamy food item which is rich in protein also known as healthy gut bacteria. Have it before, during or after your meals to improves your metabolism. It’s got 100 gms: 96 calories – Not bad right? It’s a useful source of protein to cut down weight – people who eat yoghurt are more likely to maintain a healthy diet. One should definitely go for Greek yoghurt as it’s available in all forms – reduced or low fat and non-fat or zero per cent categories. Who doesn’t like flavoured yoghurt? We recommend trying Epigamia as it’s one of the best.

A Fruit Platter

Now fruits are not just packed with fibres, nutrients and all things good, they are also packed with juicy flavours and deliciousness to satiate your hungry soul and the best part is you need not be a chef to get them on your plate. Have them as whole or churn them in a juicer and you’re good to go! The fruits with the lowest calories are – Peach which also has Vitamin A and C, Grapefruit which has Vitamin C, Cantaloupe which protects your immune system and strengths your eyesight, Watermelon – a disease-fighting antioxidant,  Papaya for some potassium and Strawberries for some Vitamin C again.

Sweet Potatoes

You’re getting to eat everyone’s favourite vegetable potato and you’re getting sweetness for your sweet tooth without compromising your health-what else d’you need?! Sweet Potatoes or Yams are highly concentrated with nutrients and fibres and low on calorie! Instead of a higher calorie food such as white potatoes, which may contain as many as 400-500 calories per serving, you are well on your way to achieving this calorie deficiency when it comes to having Sweet Potatoes. They are also high in fiber which is a great thing and lowers on the glycemic index.

Roasted Paneer With Flax Seeds

Whosoever said diet food is tasteless is in a denial as exquisite paneer dishes are on your way to rescue you from a boring diet. Try Tandoori Paneer or Roasted Paneer with flax seeds to know what diet food actually tastes like. It keeps you full and low on calories – what else can you ask for? It’s also high in protein and calcium – one has to replace the junk in their diet with scrumptious tandoori paneer dishes for sure.


What if we tell your favourite binge snack is low in calories? Yes, you’re reading it right – believe your eyes. Do not hesitate to grab a cup of plain salted popcorn whenever you crave for something salty! They are high in fibre and low on calorie, as low as 31 calories a cup. Just avoid butter, cheese or caramel kinds. It’s also high in fibre and is a healthy whole grain food item you can trust on when it comes to losing weight.

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