Saddle Sore On Hero Passion XPRO

“The Ride Must Go On”

Devjeet Saha known for his penchant for riding has always pushed himself over the edge whenever it comes to proving his passion. He has been associated with a lot of events related to his craze for biking. The recent being the SaddleSore event which has earned him the title of “The World’s Toughest Rider. Let us take a look as to how that happened.

This was the 3rd saddle sore within 3 months done by him. The first on Hero Splendor Pro which has a less cc engine than PASSION XPRO and then on Hero Impulse which has a higher cc engine than Hero Passion Xpro.

The route Pune-Bangalore-Pune was chosen to accomplish this feat. Being his 3rd ride on the same route, he did some homework before leaving to save time. This time he knew where to stop for fueling and at what distance. So he made a chart of the distance and kilometer and places to halt and glued it to the front of his bike as a sticky note. It’s always better to do full preparation before leaving with the data you have that is Devjeet’s mantra.

The things he carried during the ride:

  1. 3 packets of Cashew nuts
  2. Some Cotton to put inside the ears to reduce the sound of trucks or other vehicles. It is not dangerous and allows partial hearing, enough to hear the honking of a vehicle.
  3. 1 litre Glucon D
  4. Approximate 6000 Rs. In cash
  5. Basic First Aid kit
  6. Credit card required to Swipe for Petrol for Saddle Sore proof.
  7. Approximately Rs 40 in change.
  8. 3-4 handkerchief (required to clean the visor also)
  9. Some Tissue paper and paper soap
  10. Flash Lights
  11. Chain Spray
  12. 2 litres of water

3 changes in every bike he does while he goes for such rides.

  1. Put double horn
  2. Connect the headlight directly to the battery
  3. Remove the chain cover if the bike has

His safety gears include:

  1. DSG Jacket
  2. Cramster gloves
  3. Vega Full Face Helmet
  4. AXO Knee Guard
  5. Safety Boot
  6. Bandana to prevent from dust

On 2nd June 2014 at 10:13 pm, He started for the saddle sore ride on Hero Passion Xpro from Shell Petrol pump, Warje, Pune. After 40 kms riding from the start point, he was welcomed by the rains. He expected them but not so soon by the time he reached Kolhapur it was 1:30 am, this was his first halt for fueling. The rains completely made him wet. The petrol pump attendant asked him that if he wanted he could stay there until the rain stopped. But he was on a Saddle Sore ride so couldn’t stop unless it’s an emergency.

At Hubli, he takes a 5 minutes to break for tea near the Toll Naka. The tea maker was surprised to see him there wearing all safety gear on Hero Passion Xpro at midnight in the rains. The tea maker asked him several questions but he couldn’t answer them as the ride must go on.

At around 7:30 am comes the second fuelling point at Davangere. After fuelling and documentation for the ride, he started for the next turn. After riding for 808 kms from the starting point he took U-Turn for Pune.

The 3rd fueling point was at Bangalore, Sri Ranga Fuel Station. At 2:00 pm reached Highway Point, NH-4, Motebennur which was the 4th fuelling point. At 4:55 pm reached Rock Oil Association, Yamakanmardi which was the 5th fuelling point.

He was on time and he knew he can now easily complete it. It was only possible because it did not rain after 10 am in the morning. Hence the distance was easily covered.

The most difficult part of this ride happened when he was 85 kms away from Pune. Heavy rain started. It was so heavy that other bikers on the road were keeping their bikes near the roadside and running for some shelter. His bike was the only one running at that time on the roads. Apart from bikes a few cars also stopped. The rain was so heavy that it was difficult to spot the road. So he was riding at a speed of 35-40 kmph. He was able to speed up when it was lightening. Because of that lightning, he could guess the length and distance of the road. After little distance, he had to speed down and when again it was lightening he sped up. This continued for almost 30-35 kms.

The roads were wet and as a result, the riding had to control. Still, he was riding at the speed which was required for a saddle sore. This was possible because of the tyres that contributed to a firm grip on the road, Ralco Tyres. Prior to the ride he tested the durability of the tyres and thus it made it a better experience during his ride.

When the rain stopped it was probably 9:30 pm, he learned about the time from a passerby. He was shocked to know that because as per his calculation from Kolhapur if he rode at a speed of 70 kmph he could easily reach Pune before the estimated time for the record. After riding for more 10-15 km he thought to ask someone the exact time. But there was no one on the road who he could ask. So he thought to check the time while riding. Then an Indica car just overtook him. He happened to peep inside the car to check the time and what he saw made him happy the time was 9:18 pm. He was convinced he would make it on time now.

At last at 9:44 pm he reached the Shell Petrol pump.

He stayed just opposite to shell petrol pump. Mostly he used to fill petrol from here only. So most of the petrol pump attendant knew him as this was his 3rd such ride from the same place. When he entered the petrol pump, the attendant had several questions in his mind… The Conversation which took place was something like this.

Attendant: Bhaiya kaha gaye the? Iss bike se… (Surprised)..? Kab nikle the? Kitna kms kiya? Aap thakte nahi? Etc… (Where did you go on this bike? When did you start? How many Km you finished? Don’t you get exhausted?)

Devjeet: bhai pehle card swipe karo phir baat karte hai… (Swipe the card, then we can talk)

Finally, at 9:46 his card was swiped and the ride was successfully completed. The ride was successful because he was on a durable and capable motorcycle which is Hero Passion Xpro and due to Ralco Tyres the ride was safer and easier.

Read the complete rules for saddle sore ride before the attempt:

Link of the rules:


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