Highway Safety Tips

Safety is as simple as ABC- Always Be Careful. There cannot be a better way of explaining safety, but a few basic information about what to do and what not and keeping an eye on the road will ensure you have a joyride until you reach your ultimate destination. Here is how you can make sure to get it right with your riding on a highway.

Before The Journey Begins Consider This Checklist

1) The air pressure on both the tyres. 

2) The condition of tyre should be good. The threads of tyres should be visible.

3) Always wear an ISI mark helmet. (VERY IMPORTANT)

4) The horn should be working.

5) Both the brakes should be working.

6) The headlights, brake light, and indicators should be working.

7) Engine oil should be in good condition and fully top up.

8) Both the rearview mirrors should be clean and properly placed.

9) Always keep a good amount of petrol in the bike. It should not come to the reserve situation.

10) Always carry valid documents like RC book, insurance paper, PUC, and driving license.

11) Check the first aid kit.

Planning The Ride

To plan a long motorbike trip, first set a destination where you are planning to go. Ensure to choose a safe route for your destination. You can take the help of Google maps.

After finalizing the route you have to make a costing for the trip. The basic cost includes petrol for the bike, bike maintenance, lodging, Snacks, and some miscellaneous. The best part is bikes don’t have to pay toll taxes. Hence a lot of amounts is saved.

Safety on the highway is very essential. More fun and excitement brings more risk and danger. One needs to observe a certain code while they ride so that they don’t get too carried away and also maintain safety.

Precautions To Take Into Consideration

1. Always ride on the left-hand side of the lane. It is known as the slow lane. Do not ride on the right side of the lane. It’s very dangerous because the vehicles behind you would be on high speed and it is difficult to judge the speed of the vehicle through the rearview mirror.

2. Do not overtake any vehicle from the wrong side.

3. Always keep a distance from the vehicle in front of your bike.

4. Slow down the speed of your bike when you see any animal on the road. Give side to the animal and cross from the behind.

5. Always blow the horn and blink light at night before overtaking any vehicles.

6. Always obey the notice board place beside the highways.

7. Slow down the bike while you enter any village or town on the highway.

8. Always carry a rough cloth and some water while riding at night. The insects on the highway crash on the visor of the helmet, which causes difficulty in viewing the roads.

9. Stop the bike whenever you feel sleepy. Do not try to ride on such a situation. It may harm you or any other person on the road.

10. Always wear a transparent visor on the helmet while riding the bike at night.

11. Do not use headphones while riding a bike whether for a call or for listening to music.

12. Always apply both the brakes for the effective stoppage of vehicles.

13. Invest in good riding years. Like: safety jacket, knee guard, elbow guard, gloves, boots, and riding pants.

Precautions To Be Observed During The Night

1) Wear clear glasses to avoid getting hit by some insects in the eye.

2) Make sure to use the lights with their maximum functionality and whenever taking a turn gives the proper indicator.

3) Don’t mess with heavily loaded vehicles like a truck or a bus, especially during the night time; they are too hard to reason with.

4) Be extremely careful in case of wet roads in order to avoid skidding, this could be hazardous if you are on a highway.


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