Things You Can Do To Workout When You Hate Exercising

Learn Dance Routines From Youtube Choreography Videos

For every trending song out there, there exists a Youtube choreography video. Spending some time trying to learn one such dance routine, can be a super fun way to sneak in some exercise, without it feeling like a complete drag. If you’re not very confident in your dancing skills, you can also lookup beginner level choreography videos online. Another way to amp up the fun factor in this workout regime, would be to get your friends on a video conference call, and practice your moves with the gang!

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the most underrated exercises that also happen to be brilliant calorie burners. A 5-minute skipping exercise can help you burn much more calories than a walk around the block. Especially if you share my dislike for cardio, jumping rope is a fun activity that will get you heart pumping, and you won’t dread every minute of it! It’s also a simple exercise that most exercise novices can take a shot at, without investing in any gym equipment except for a skipping rope.

Learn Yoga From An App

If you think yoga will feel just like going to the gym would, you’re grossly mistaken! More than just physical exercise, yoga involves focusing your attention, freeing your mind and maintaining inner balance. Also, yoga is an immensely wide-ranging umbrella term, that includes a multitude of styles. So if you’re a beginner, you can go with a relatively relaxed style like Pranayama or Hatha. The numerous benefits of practising yoga have already been discussed extensively both online and offline, so we won’t dwell on that. But my personal favourite thing about a yoga routine is that you leave feeling serene, as opposed to feeling exhausted the way I did while leaving the gym.

Do The Hula Hoop

Hooping is an excellent workout activity that exercises your whole body and helps you tone your midsection, whilst also being incredibly enjoyable. Hula hooping as an exercise form has been recognised for helping people tone the core of their body, shed fat and burn calories while having a total ball. Not only that, but it also aids you in improving flexibility, posture and balance. All you need to invest in is a good quality hoop, preferably one weighted to your comfort. Next step? Blast some music and get hooping!

Challenge A Sibling To A Climbing Stairs Record

Or a “who can hold the longest plank” record. Or even a “who can do the maximum pushups” record. When motivation fails, you can fall back on competition to get you to do something.

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