Ride to Promote Safety

I did a 4144 km Pune to Ludhiana and back ride on a 223 cc Hero Karizma ZMR F-i bike fitted with excellent RALCO tyres on 23 September 2012. This ride was not about speed, it was about safety. Yet, the fact is: no matter how careful you are, there are always others on the road who are NOT careful. These could be trucks, buses, cars, other bikes, or even pedestrians, not to speak of animals!

Most truckers think of bikers as mosquitoes, irritants, and aberrations, to be swatted away. A lot of pedestrians have never driven a bike or any other vehicle, and have no concept of momentum. They think that the moment you apply the brake, the bike will dead stop on the spot, which, as every biker knows cannot happen. Whatever your speed, there is always a time-lapse and some distance covered before you come to a stop.

On the way to Ludhiana, I was met and felicitated by the BULLiES, the local Bullet club in Udaipur. There was much camaraderie, and exchange of safety tips.

For safety’s sake, I avoided riding at night, and on highways, always kept to the left lane, so that I could even leave the road if some rash driver came too close.

Specific problems faced were:
1. Insects colliding on the helmet visor and getting stuck on it.
2. Haryana truck drivers lack traffic sense, and it was difficult to ride with them.
3. Cows sitting on the road simply occupying space.
4. Dogs crossing the road.
5. Local villagers jaywalking.
6. And last but not least: while absolutely no rain was encountered in 99.9% of the journey, the last home stretch, from Wakad to Warje in Pune, there was VERY HEAVY RAiN& Traffic Jam on the evening of Tuesday 5th October 2012. The top speed I could do on this powerful bike was just 25 kmph.

The most important thing was the safety gear I was wearing, such that even if I had a fall, injuries if any would be very minor!

Safety Gadgets include Studd Helmet, DSG Jacket, Cramster Pants, Cramster Gloves, Rjays Boot & Mask.

Pune > Mumbai >Surat> Ahmedabad > Udaipur >Chittorgarh> Jaipur > New Delhi >Ambala City > Ludhiana and Back.

Started on 23rd September 2012 (Sunday)

Finished on 5th October 2012 (Friday)


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