Gery Sugar Cheese Crackers – Review

There are moments that we love to keep it close to our hearts, not just any feeling. A moment of joyous feeling. Yes, the same happiness I found during the Unlock 1.0 COVID-19 times.
I know many of you would be thinking what joy I have found during such as a pandemic. Let me tell you all.

On 23-May-2020, I stepped out to get some groceries, while buying the essentials, it just happened that I entered a shop named New Kaju Dry Fruit Shopee in Kothrud, Pune. As the name defines, you are correct the shop majorly sells Kaju and other dry fruits. While buying the same, I saw something else sitting in the glass, A beautiful yellow wrapper crafted in bold SUGAR CHEESE CRACKERS, bought a packet for just INR 10/-

My anxiety towards trying the new has never failed and trust me I was not wrong even this time.

Done with my day, It was late night and time to watch some new series and munch. I decided to open the packet and take a bite of the biscuit. The minute I opened the packet realized a piece of biscuit with some sugar sprinkled and cheese wrapped under the first side of the biscuit.

And this was the moment when I felt heaven on earth. A lip-smacking taste and this was The WOWWWW moment.

The next I decided was to buy more of it and read about it. To my surprise, this was a product from Indonesia and marketed in India by Garuda Foods based in Bangalore.

This small packet contains 2 pieces of crackers and weighs around 18 grams and calories = 88 kcal

The very next day I bought 16 packets of it.

A big thumbs-up to Gery’s Sugar Cheese Crackers, amazing product.

Photo Clicked by: Shivali Thite
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