1552km On Hero Splendor Pro

No matter what CC bike you own, what matters is the fire within. On 13 December 2013, I did what no long-distance bike lover would think of attempting. I rode from Pune to Bangalore and back on Hero Splendor Pro, a less than 100 cc motorbike. The distance translated to over 1500 km.

The ride started at 8:20 am on 13 December, with a slight nip in the air. With butterflies in my stomach and with the anticipation of an amazing ride, I could hardly sleep well on the 12th night. But the next morning, I felt fresh when I left home. It was not my first long-distance ride, but this was challenging keeping in mind the capacity of the bike.

I believe – safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy. Having seen and experienced accidents on the road I strongly promulgate the use of safety gears while driving. Hence, the previous night itself I rechecked my safety gear – Vega helmet, a DSG riding jacket, Cramster riding trousers, safety boots, and safety gloves.

I was prepared for the cold also. But never expected it would almost freeze my fingers! The biting cold was a factor I had to reckon with, especially during the nights, driving at high speeds. Despite the gloves I wore, my fingers occasionally became numb from the cold wind. My diet was short and simple – 2 handfuls of cashew nuts, a 5 Star chocolate, chewing gum, roadside tea, and water. The biting cold made sure I was not sleepy. I took 4-5 tea breaks in the night to warm myself.

I started from Shell Petrol Pump in Warje, Pune, traveled along the national highway to Bangalore, and returned the following morning to Pune at 09.30 hours in the morning, at the same petrol pump.

After completing the feat, the following words rang in my head – A bike is a bike – a technological piece of sturdiness and durability. A truly marvelous piece designed for fast and safe travel, regardless of its capacity.

I would thank Ralco tyres for providing us with their tyres with excellent braking characteristics which ensured safety.

The ride completed uneventfully (which is good) and much to my satisfaction. On the whole, it was an interesting chapter in my life’s book of memorable experiences.


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