Portronics launches AUTO 14 Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter Adapter

Portronics has launched Auto 14, a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter adapter, which helps you easily broadcast audio output from TVs, CD players, or even old PCs, to Wireless Headphones, Speakers and even Car Stereo Systems.

Portronics AUTO 14 is available at Rs 1,999 from the company’s official website, and other leading online and offline stores.

There are people who are not able to use their old, expensive devices because they’re non-Bluetooth. To help make them more usable, Portronics has launched AUTO 14.

This device combines the function of a wireless transmitter and receiver into one for you to conveniently stream your content on Non-Bluetooth devices. The Transmitting (TX) mode, streams audio from your non-Bluetooth devices to your Bluetooth Headphones/Speakers.

The Receiving (TR) mode streams audio to your wired Speakers, Headphones, car stereo system, home theatre, etc. from your phone, or favourite media player. The device is extremely easy to use, and lets you fully control all actions conveniently.

Auto 14 also claims that this wireless adapter delivers supreme audio connectivity & HD quality with an improved, stable connection. Bluetooth 4.2 technology helps reduce power consumption, fast pairing, and more efficient usage. It also allows effortless usage as a hands-free kit, while you are on-the-go.

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