Tourist Places In Karnataka For Your Itinerary

ev.From ancient ruins to modern day wonders, laid-back towns to commercial cities, Karnataka is a state defined by its diverse cultural and social fabric. Whether you are a backpacker or an indulgent tourist, you will find myriad experiences in this South Indian state to satiate the traveller in you. 

Coorg: For Hill Station Lovers

A quaint hill station in Karnataka, Coorg amazes you with its fascinating mountains, stunning waterfalls, and aromatic coffee plantations. As a result of it being a hill town, it has a serene and tranquil ambience. There are many thrilling treks in and around Coorg for travellers who seek an adrenalin rush. The Brahmagiri Peak, and Chettalli are a few instances of this. Also, many activities like coracle rides, visit to elephant camps, and exploration of wildlife sanctuaries can be enjoyed in Coorg.

Bangalore: For Those Who Enjoy City Life

Think of Bangalore and you will come up with a couple of definitive ideas that would revolve around IT industry, fantastic weather, gardens and parks, young crowd and superb cafes. The city is defined by its cosmopolitan vibe as well as its rich cultural history. It offers delightful food and is home to some chic pubs.

Hampi: For Those Interested In Architecture & History

The barren beauty and stony landscape of Hampi makes it a quintessential spot for architecture and history buffs. This small Kannada village in Karnataka is located on the banks of Tungabhadra River. Now recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has more than 500 architectural structures. These date back to the 14th-century and lie stretched over 10 miles. Hampi often leaves travellers awe-struck with its craftsmanship of the bygone era. You can feel the incredible energy of this ancient place.

Gokarna: For Beach Bums & Pilgrims

The serene shoreline and delectable seafood make Gokarna a must-visit beach destination in Karnataka for those seeking a relaxing beach holiday. It is a small, laid-back town not yet taken over by commercial gimmicks. It offers you a peaceful and laid-back vacation. You can chill out on the pristine beaches, ride a catamaran, as well as indulge in some water sports.

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