Saddle Sore on Hero Splendor Pro

Biker Devjeet Saha successfully attempts the Saddle Sore – on a 97cc bike!

Devjeet Saha is no newbie when it comes to setting long distance riding records. The Puneite is the first person in the world to have successfully attempted the Iron Butt on a 97.2 cc motorcycle, a feat never heard of before. The Saddle Sore title is awarded by America's Iron Butt Association (IBA) for riding 1000 miles within 24 hours; most people achieve this on motorcycle higher than 150cc. The 28 year old set the record on a puny Hero Splendor Pro, breaking the myth that only higher capacity machines can be used for the Iron Butt challenge.

Saddle Sore on Hero Impulse

An elated Devjeet Saha says “I wasn’t too sure if I’d be able to complete this attempt successfully, as it has always been believed that a 100cc motorcycle is not made for record attempts like these, as people assume the engine is not powerful enough and will not be able to take the strain. I simply wanted to bust this myth and I’m glad I could do so. This has been my toughest Iron Butt attempt so far, as all my previous rides were on 150cc + motorcycles.”

On being asked about the reaction he gets from people, Devjeet further elaborated “I’m used to a lot of staress while riding with my complete safety gear, but this time people thought I was stupid to attempt the ride, as most of them believed the Hero Splendor Pro is an underpowered vehicle, which I have proved, that it is not”.

Saddle Sore on Hero Splendor Pro

Further adding about Devjeet’s extraordinary feat, Mr. Fanindra Khanapurkar, from Hero Moto Corp said “We are very happy with Devjeet Saha's feat as it will help us immensely in branding and promoting our flagship motorcycle. We congratulate him for this tough and nearly unbelievable ride."

Saddle Sore on Hero Impulse

For the record attempt Devjeet chose the Pune- Bangalore highway on NH4. He went down South for 815 kms, then turning back to Pune via the same route. He covered a distance of 1628 kms in less than 24 hours, starting ride on 9th April at 8:26 am and concluding on 10th April at 8:17 am.

The ride wasn’t an easy one for him on many levels – the most daunting of all was the heavy downpour he faced after leaving Belgaum. In order to make sure he doesn’t lose out on time and keeping safety as priority, Devjeet continued riding at a slow pace in the heavy rainfall and made sure the attempt was completed halting only for loo breaks and surviving on more than 20 cups of tea in order to keep the sleep at bay. A proud Devjeet chuckles “By the time I reached Pune, I was drenched till my underwear, as the rain Gods greeted my during my journey back from Bangalore”.

Devjeet also holds the title of Bun Burner from the Iron Butt Association - a feat he completed on his Hero Karizma. The Bun Burner is a title is of higher repute than the Saddle Sore and requires the rider to complete 1500 miles within 36 hours.

Devjeet Saha believes he couldn’t have accomplished this feat without the dependable Hero Splendor Pro and Safe Ralco Tyres.

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