RTO Fees
S. No. Purpose Fees
1.Issue or renewal of learners license of each class of vehicle Rs 30
2.Issue of permanent driving lilcense Rs 200 With smart card
3.Renewal of Driving LicenseWithin time limit Rs .50
After time limit Rs.100 and Fine Rs 50 per year
Smart card fee Rs 200 + fine Rs 50 per year Note : After expiry of License upto 5 year Licence cannot be renewed
4.Issue of duplicate driving licence Rs 200 with smart card
5.In respect of addition to another class of motor vehicle to driving licence Rs 200 With smart card
6.International driving permit Rs 500
7.Issue of passenger motor vehicle badge Rs 150
8.Duplicate badge Rs 100
9. Issue of conductor licence and badgeRs 170
10.Renewal of conductor licence Rs 20
11.Issue of duplicate conductor licence Rs 150
12.Issue of duplicate conductor badgeRs 150
13.Issue renewal of certificate of registration and assignment of
new registration mark (Registration of Motor vehicle)
 Invalid carriageRs 20
 Motor cycle Rs 60
  Imported motor cycle Rs 200
  (Light motor vehicle ( car, jeep) Rs 200
  Light Transport vehicle Rs 300
  Medium goods / passenger vehicle, Rs 400
  Heavy goods / passenger vehicle Rs 600
  Imported motor cycle Rs 800
  Any other vehicle Rs 300
14. Issue of duplicate certificate of registration Half of the new registration fee mention in Sr no 13
15. Registration of vehicle brought from another state Fee mentioned in Sr no 13
16. Change of address of motor vehicle Rs 20
17. Transfer of ownership of motor vehicle Half of the new registration fee mentioned in Sr no 13
18. Transfer of ownership of vehicle in the name of succession Half of the new registration fee mentioned in Sr no 13
19. Transfer of ownership of vehicle sold in auction Half of the new registration fee mentioned in Sr no 13
20. Fresh certificate of registration in the name of finacer Half of the new registration fee mentioned in Sr no 13
21. Entry of an agreement of hire purchase  / lease / hypothecation Rs 100
22. Termination of an agreement of hire purchase / lease / hypothecation Rs 100
23. No objection certificate of motor vehicle No fee
24. Renewal of certificate of fitness  
  Light motor vehicle (car,jeep) Rs 200
  Medium goods / passenger vehicle Rs 300
  Heavy goods / passenger vehicle Rs 400
  Two wheelers and three wheelers Rs 100
25. Issue of duplicate certificate of fitness Rs 100
26. Alteration of vehicle Rs 50
27. Contract carriage permit  
  Auto rickshaw Rs 100
  Taxi Rs 150
  Maxicab Rs 150
28. Permit for goods vehicle Rs 200
29. Issue of private service vehicle permit Rs 200
30. Issue of temporary permit for goods vehicle Rs 100
31. Issue of special permit for passenger vehicle Rs 100
32. Toursit permit Rs 300
33. National permit for goods vehicle Rs 300
34. Transfer of permit for rickshaw/taxi/maxi car Rs 50
35. Permission to display advertisement on goods vehicle and passenger vehicles Rs 200
  Motor Cab Rs 100
  Auto rickshaw Rs 60
36. Permission for carriage of over dimensional load for goods No Fee
37. Levy of tax on motor vehicle  
38. Application for refund of tax  
39. Application for exemption from payment of tax  
40. Payment of tax of vehicle removal from another state  
41. Issue of duplicate taxation certificate Rs 20
42. Issue of particulars of registration Rs 20
43. Issue of particulars of registration with payment of tax Rs 22

The Road Transport Organization in India is quite a well organized and structured system that follows some guidelines that are specified to make sure a smooth experience for everyone who owns a vehicle. The guidelines mentioned below are approved by the RTO and this basic knowledge is for everyone with a vehicle in India.


→   Driving License
→   Certificate of Registration
→   Certificate of Insurance
→   Pollution Check Certificate
→   Fitness Certificate and Permit (for Commercial Vehicles only)

Procedure for obtaining Driving License :
A) Learners License :

For obtaining a permanent license, one has to get a Learners License first and for which the following documents are to be submitted:

  • 1) Application Form 1 and 2
  • 2) Date of Birth Certificate (Birth Certificate, School Certificate, Passport, etc).
  • 3) Residence Proof (Passport, Voter ID Card)
  • 4) Medical Certificate (for Commercial Vehicle Driver or Private Vehicle Driver who have attained the age of 40 years.)
  • 5) Three copies of Passport size Photographs.
  • 6) Requisite Fee as applicable.

B] Permanent License

Required Documents

  • 1) Learning License
  • 2) Passport Size Photographs (3 nos)

Age for different Licenses:
  • 1) 16 years for driving a motorcycle having engine capacity of 50 CC or below.
  • 2) 18 years for Private Light Transport Vehicles like Jeep, Car and Two-wheeler.
  • 3) 20 years for Commercial Vehicles.

C] Renewal Of Driving License

If the validity of your Driving License is about to expire then it is advised to apply for renewal within 30 days of expiry. Driving after 30 days of expiry is a punishable offence. If you are 30 years old, you can obtain a License valid up to the age of 50. If you are 45 or above, the renewal will be for a period of 5 years at a time.

Documents Required For License Renewal:

  • 1) Application in Form No. 9.
  • 2) Proof of Age & Residence.
  • 3) Medical Certificate wherever required.
  • 4) Current Driving License.
  • 5) Three copies of Passport size Photographs.

D] Duplicate License:

In case of loss of License you are required to proceed in the following manner:

  • 1) File a report at the Police Station giving complete details of the lost License.
  • 2) Obtain a Challan Clearance Report from the Traffic Police in case of a Commercial Vehicle.
  • 3) Fill your Application in Form No. 6.
  • 4) Attach a Photocopy of your lost License or the details.
  • 5) Proof of Age and Residence.
  • 6) Fee as Applicable.

A] In Case Of A Second Hand Vehicle (Buying Or Selling)

In case you are selling a second hand vehicle, it is your responsibility to inform the RTO with whom the vehicle was registered within 14 days of Sales Agreement. In case the new owner resides in the jurisdiction of any other RTO then such RTO should also be informed by the transferer.

If the RTO in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is being transferred is in another State, then the transferor must obtain a NO OBJECTION certificate (NOC) from his RTO and forward it to the RTO in whose jurisdiction the new owner stays. An application for NOC must be accompanied by:

  • 1) A certified copy of Certificate of Registration.
  • 2) A certified copy of Insurance Certificate.
  • 3) A copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate.

The new owner (transferee) must inform their RTO within 30 days and send the Certificate of Registration for the endorsement of ownership in their name.

The Certificate of Registration must be accompanied by valid insurance, copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate, Proof of Address and NOC if required.


It is the responsibility of the seller to inform the concerned RTO within 14 days with the evidence of such information. If such information is not made and the vehicle is involved in a crime, accident or traffic violation, the authorities will hold the original owner responsible.

B] Registration Of Vehicles From Other States To Maharashtra.

i) Application Forms Required
Form 20, Form 26, Form 27, Form 28, Form 29, Form 30, Form 33, Form FT

ii) Required Documents
Address proof as per CMV Rules-4.
Insurance certificate.
RC book.
Pollution Under Control Certificate.
No objection certificate by concerned state in form 28.
Tax Receipt.
Fitness certificate in case of Transport vehicle.
Permit if applicable.
Entry tax certificate if applicable.
Invoice of Ex-showroom price of vehicle.

C] Change Of Address

i) Application Form
Form 33, Form 28 for other region vehicle.

ii) Required Documents
Tax Receipt.
RC Book.
Insurance certificate.
Address proof -2 copies.
Fitness certificate in case of Transport vehicles.
NOC in case of vehicle is registered in other office.
Permit if applicable.
Passport size photograph, Thumb impression duly attested by rotary or by authorized person on form 33.
Photo along with finger print of right hand thumb.
350 Rs for optical card other than fee mentioned above.
NOC from financer in case of Hypothecation.

D] Old Vehicle Registration Renewal

i) Application Form
Form 25

ii) Required Documents
Tax receipt.
Vehicle Registration
Insurance certificate.
Pollution Under Control Certificate
Chassis print.
Passport size photograph, Thumb impression duly attested by rotary or by authorized person on form 25.
Fees Rs. 350 for smart card.

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