Places To Visit In Pula To Experience The True Croatian Charm In 2022!

Pula is the coastal city in Croatia overlooking the majestic Adriatic is known for its tremendous beaches! But there’s more to the magnificent city of the Istrian Peninsula and it is the majestic history of the place. Pula, even today, basks in ancient history and makes for an enchanting beauty located amidst all those imposing structures and crumbling walls.

Pula Arena

Yes, the Romans were here performing epic fights right from the 1st Century. This mighty structure is the most well-preserved Amphitheatre in the world. Being one of the best places to visit in Pula, here you will see a still standing Arena, underground passages, cisterns etc. exhibiting the Gladiator’s ways.

Temple Of Augustus

Just another well-preserved beauty of Pula tourism. Constructed under the reign of King Augustus, the temple is roughly 2000 years old. First, a temple, then a church, later a granary and now a place for storing historically significant monuments and sculptures, this place has undertaken many roles.

Pula Forum

The city’s main square plays host and celebrates every big occurrence since hundreds of years. During the summer seasons, you may get to enjoy the concerts and cultural events. Also, you may enjoy football matches with huge crowds whenever the Croatian team is playing in any important leagues. It will be the most magnificent setting you will enjoy football in.

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