Jaipur is one of the major tourist attractions and destinations which witness several people throughout the year. While some of them visit the city for its beautiful monuments that reflect its architecture and interior excellently, some just visit the place for a relaxing time. Whether it is ancient fortresses or centuries-old temples, there are many places to visit near Jaipur that will inspire you to leave the comfort of your home.

These getaways near Jaipur makes a great tourist attraction and will bring you closer to the lively culture and royal lifestyle of Rajasthan. Although there are many places to visit near Jaipur, we have listed 14 most popular places that you can visit with your friends or family for a picnic or weekend getaway. 

Places to Visit near Jaipur Within 50 km

1. Sanganer

Sanganer is a very famous and small village that has a lot of Jain pilgrimages along with the largest textile printing industry. You can get a reflection of many craftworks in this place and thus it attracts many tourists throughout the year.

The famous temples of the place are rich in their heritage and architecture for attracting tourists from all around the world.

2. Ramgarh Lake

Although this is an artificial lake, it is still one of the attractive tourist spots around Jaipur. Covering an area of around 15.5 km, the place is a famous picnic spot for your family members for having some enjoyable time.

The greenery around the lake enhances the lake’s beauty to a much higher level. It is recommended to visit the place during the monsoon season for witnessing its true beauty.

3. Bagru

If you are looking for a place where you can experience the simple living of the people along with relaxing in the peaceful surroundings, then Bagru is the perfect destination for you. You will experience some beautiful moments that are generally missed in the busy life of the city.

From beautiful, attractive and breath-taking views of the monuments to some magnificent picturesque locations, Bagru has everything for you.

4. Samode Palace

This palace completely and truly reflects the living of the royals of Jaipur and is constructed in the same manner. The architecture and the massive spacious surroundings of the palace are unmatched and cannot be described in words.

The palace attracts visitors with its amazing paintings and mirror work along with its heritage. The palace is a must-visited place to have a unique experience around Jaipur.

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