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2422 km in 36 Hours

We, human beings curiously risk in pushing the limit of machines and ourselves, most of the time it pays off. Everyone prefers motorbike of 200 cc or more for 1610 km in 24 hours.

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1622 km in 24 Hours

One may think doing a saddle sore on a 150cc motorcycle specially designed to be an off-roader maybe an impossible feat, but not for Pune bikers Devjeet Saha and Shalaka Zad, who are the first duo couple...

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1619 km in 24 Hours

Devjeet Saha known for his penchant for riding has always pushed himself over the edge whenever it comes to proving his passion. He has been associated with a lot of events related to his craze for biking.

First Aid

Safety means first aid to the uninjured.

When it comes to riding, you sure wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun aspects involved with it. But in order to make sure that you are having a great time on your bike...


Alert today – Alive tomorrow.

The shell of a helmet is an injection molded thermoplastic or a pressure molded thermoset that is reinforced with glass fibers or made of fiber glass.

RTO Guidelines

Follow traffic rules, save your future.

If the validity of your Driving License is about to expire apply for renewal within 30 days of expiry. Driving after 30 days of expiry is an offence. If you are 30 years old...