To experience the real joy of biking, one must lace them up with each gear that enhances the ride; the crowning glory comes on the head of a biker in the form of their helmets. So just like a crown is to the king the helmet is to the biker.

So what is the mark of a good helmet?

  • 1) It should not obstruct vision.
  • 2) It should not impair with hearing.
  • 3) It should be light weight.
  • 4) It should not cause fatigue which causes crashes.
  • 5) It should not cause skin diseases.
  • 6) It should not increase the probability of neck injuries.

Thus keeping the above points into consideration, the experience of biking should be awesome.

Kinds of helmets to be used :

It should have a thick padding of thermocole- at least 20 mm- which must extend to the sides of the head. A full face helmet is safer by all means.

Components of the helmet and their roles :

The Shell :

The shell of a helmet is an injection molded thermoplastic or a pressure molded thermoset that is reinforced with glass fibers or made of fiber glass. It takes care of the following aspects:

  • 1) It absorbs energy in an impact
  • 2) It distributes local forces from an impact
  • 3) It allows sliding on road surfaces
  • 4) It protects the face and temple
The foam liner:

This is a molding of polystyrene beads or polyurethane foam. It provides a stopping distance for the head. The foam can compress by 90% during an impact, although it recovers partially afterwards. But this helps increase the stopping distance thus reducing the peak deceleration of the head. It also protects as much as possible of the head.

Proper strapping system:

It is essential to wear a well-fitting helmet for the effective working of chinstrap system. To test if the helmet fits your head properly, tightly fasten the chinstrap and then pull helmet off forward by gripping the rear and then pulling. The strap must be threaded correctly so that the buckle locks the strap when it is pulled from the chin side. The strap must be pulled as tight as is bearable under the chin.

The motorized two-wheeler rider is the one most likely to sustain serious injuries no matter what he hits- a pedestrian, a cat or another vehicle. This is because he is traveling at a speed more than 15 kmph without any protection around, and the human body is not able to tolerate forces generated when the head or any other bone hits hard and rigid objects at speed higher than 15 kmph.

Now the following points needs to be considered before buying a helmet they are pretty essential and will help you choose the best one possible.

  • 1) Look For Your Fit
    It is advisable to wear a helmet that comes according to your face shape. It must fit you in a snug manner and there should be enough room to adjust your head inside it. There should be a free movement of the neck. A loose helmet is strictly not advised because it could be fatal in times of accidents. The fit must be proper and this is only possible when you try it on, it should be meant for your head only. Now it all depends from one brand to the other, so till you are sure with your fit don’t make a move just because the helmet looks awesome. It is a matter of safety.

  • 2) Look For The Comfort
    Comfort could be secondary when it comes to biking, but a helmet that provides you sufficient amount of comfort while you ride is probably the crown you are looking for. Thus, it is quite advisable that you use something which provides a cushion to your head and during those long rides it gives enough support for your head to maintain the pressure, so that you can carry on with your quest effortlessly. Look for a helmet that gives you stability in terms of the comfort factor.

  • 3) Face Shield
    Clarity while you ride is extremely important and the material which a face shield is made up of has to brought into consideration to understand its importance. It should offer maximum protection against the UV rays of the sun, winds, dusts and every other hindrance that may come in the path of a biker making the journey difficult. Thus, it’s a must to go for a good quality that gives you a better and smooth riding experience.

  • 4) Other Integral Features
    When going for a helmet one need to consider some really important features that makes a helmet stand out. The integral feature would include straps, material of the helmet, air ventilation that allows air supply within the helmet. Some of the features also include the styling an adequate impressive appearance which evenly balances out the basic style along with the technical aspects.

  • 5) Cost-Efficiency
    The helmet needs be quite cost effective that is it should meet the basic functionality of a helmet. It should meet the criteria specified above which will come for a competitive price. It should always be high on the safety front and optimized in an optimum price range which is not too costly at the same time not too low quality. The one which is durable and will give you the feel of a real crown, thus it should be light and the feel should make it a better experience.

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