Gorgeous Places That Prove There Is Peace

Some places in the world, it appears, are living up the much celebrated words of John Lennon. Overflowing with splendor and tranquility, these six destinations are unique in terms of being free from the prevalence of armed forces. But apart from being unwarlike, these places are an abode of breathtaking sights and eye-warming landscapes.

1. Costa Rica

The landmass is home to an enormous range of earth’s biodiversity, in a density that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. A land so rich in its flora and fauna needs only care and conservation, not weapons and soldiers. Costa Rica, thus, does not officially have a military!

2. Grenada

Due to Grenada being somewhat of a hidden gem, the island has maintained its untouched, well-preserved landscape and biodiversity. Still in its pristine form, here you’ll find unperturbed beaches, home-grown vanilla and chocolate. What you won’t find is uniform clad troops!

3. Kiribati

Lying midway between Hawaii and Fiji, Kiribati is one of the most isolated countries in the world. Apart from the seclusion, what people enjoy here most is the fact that Kiribati does not have a military force.

4. Andorra

Andorra is the 16th smallest and most peaceful country in the world. Why, you ask? It is only about 40 km to drive from one side of the country to the other, and it has not been in war in almost 1,000 years!

5. Vatican City

This independent country happens to be the smallest in the world. And that’s not all! The land of the Holy See is rid of its 500 year old security regiment, adding to the ‘Peace Factor’ of the place.

6. Iceland

Icelanders are perhaps the most interesting people on the planet. They genuinely believe in the existence of elves and trolls. But apart from holding superstitions, these peace-loving Icelanders enjoy the non-existence of a standing army in their country.

7. Palau

Palau does not have a national military, because a country blessed with such mesmerizing vistas and an enriching aquatic life is better off without the intrusion of an armed force.

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