Dishes You Must Try in San Francisco

With so many Michelin-star restaurants and epic dishes like the cioppino, Dutch crunch, and cruffins, San Francisco will never disappoint you when it comes to food. The mix of cultures like American, Asian, Mexican and Italian, give a unique twist to the fare of this city. If you are fascinated with trying a range of foods, then add San Francisco to your culinary bucket list now!  

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As we start planning our San Francisco trip, here are a few foods and drinks that you should not miss out on in the city.


Originated in San Francisco, this rustic Italian-American dish is basically a fish stew, made from different kinds of seafood, tomatoes and wine. A light stew, it is an essential part of SF experience. You can try it at places like Scoma’s Restaurant, Cioppino’s or Tadich Grill.


Cruffin is a mixture of croissant and muffin. Try it at Mr Holmes Bakehouse, a small bakery that also has a trademark for this invention. The hybrid pastry has a filling of jams, crème pâtissière or curd and is a favourite among Instagrammers!

Hot Fudge Sundae

A medley of vanilla ice cream, layers of handcrafted fudge and whipped cream, the hot fudge sundae is a specialty of Ghirardelli Square (a place owned by the chocolate brand, Ghirardelli). The sundae is topped with cherries and almonds and this sweet heaven is all you need to feel on the top of the world!


In Greek mythology, oysters are synonymous with aphrodisiacs. And where else to try them (if you haven’t done so already) than the great oyster bars of San Francisco. Fresh and cleaned, you have to try these when you are in the city. At Hog Island Oyster Co., you can gorge on sustainable oysters that are locally sourced. Pair your oysters with some chilled beer for a better experience.

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