Discover The Greener Side Of Cochin

Cochin, the gorgeous port city of Kerala, has the potential to send you into a trance. Representing an ancient heritage that has been coloured by the likes of European merchants, Arabs, Chinese and the Britishers, what came about was an intriguing mix of ancient mosques, Dutch dwellings, Chinese fishing nets and remnants of the British rule. Today, Cochin can be seen clad in the hues of a commercial port, carrying an innate essence of its rustic past.

While it shoots its way to modernity, it still offers glimpses of greenery around its serene waters. Here is your guide to all the green quarters of Cochin, that will have you charmed.

 1. Areekkal Waterfalls

Cascade your way amid the sprouting waterfalls of Areekkal only to be left spellbound by nature’s many wonders. The multi-stepped waterfalls are surrounded by rubber plantations and forests. Flowing through the Ernakulam district, Areekkal Waterfalls are laced with fecundity and make for a gorgeous view. The waters here are safe for bathing, and the arena is pristine. There is also a viewing area. The best time, of course, is the rainy season to visit the falls.

 2. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

The Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary clad in all its green splendour is spread across an area of 2.74 hectares. This verdant sanctuary is home to 72 species of beautiful birds. Fluttering their vivid wings across the leafy tableau, the birds and the butterflies make for a lovely sight. This mangrove forest lines the glistening Vembanad Lake that is connected with the Kochi backwaters by a canal.. The sanctuary stays open till 5pm.

 3. Cherai Beach

At 30 km from Cochin, the Cheari Beach is well worth the extra jaunt. Taking you away from the glitz of the city, it is flanked by the turquoise waves and the soothing backwaters. The Cherai Beach is embellished with seashells of myriad colours, adding a hint of vibrancy. The site of the Chinese fishing nets shining on the serene waters, along with the plummeted coconut groves and verdant paddy fields add more charm to it. There are a kids play area and water sports facility on the beach. You can even choose to lodge away at some of the pocket-friendly accommodations here.

 4. Subhash Bose Park

Sprawling across 11.5 acres, the Subhash Bose Park was thrown open to the masses after major renovation work. The beautiful park that now bathes in lush greenery, boasts of immaculate landscaping, along with musical walkaways, fancy lighting and a meeting area. The park also has a kids play area. Come here to experience serenity and get solace after the grime of the day. The best time to visit the park is between 3pm – 9pm.

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