Chokhi Dhani, Sonipat – One-stop Destination to Enjoy True Rajasthani Hospitality

Chokhi Dhani, Sonipat is a unique entertainment concept that lets you have a glimpse of Rajasthan’s vibrant culture and warm hospitality. Spread over a vast area of 12.5 acres, this fine replica of a traditional Rajasthani village allows you to revel in all the colours of local life.

At Chokhi Dhani, Sonipat, you get to enjoy a vibrant ambience, huge open space, beautifully decorated camels, wonderful mandana paintings, folk entertainment, village bazaar and a great variety of mouth-watering Rajasthani delicacies.

Read on to know more about Sonipat Chokhi Dhani and if you are planning to visit this amazing place soon, here are a few things you must know for a hassle-free experience.


Everything from food, fabrics, regal décor, folklore, and vintage furnishings, to handmade artefacts, paintings, sculptures, historical relics, singing and dancing, come alive in thetrue Rajasthani spirit at Chowki Dhani, Sonipat. You can look forward to a fine blend of luxury and rural tranquillity when you plan a trip to this place.

1. Traditional Dining

Sangri, a traditional dining area, makes for the ideal place to satisfy your gastronomic cravings. From dal makhnijodhpuri besan gattadhani chai and pakoraskadhi, kair sangri ro achaar, dhani makkhan, to authentic dal panchmel, churma, baati and maharaja bajre ra khichdo served in traditional brass utensils, every single dish promises to satiate your hungry soul for sure!

2. Live Entertainment

  • Folk Dance and Music Show: Ghoomar, Kalbeliya, Potter Dance, Bhopa Bhopi Dance, and Snake Dance are some of the best folk dances of Rajasthan famous for their high beat passionate music and fascinating fast body movements.
  • The Puppet Show: The beautiful stories told through the puppet show will transport you back in time and leave you in awe and admiration of the royal history of Rajasthan. The puppeteer recreates episodes and incidences from the lives of kings to give you glimpse of their lifestyle. 
  • The Magic Show: We all love magic, don’t we? The magicians, with their entrancing hand tricks and hypnotism, will leave you amazed. This is something you wouldn’t want to miss on your visit to Choki Dhani, Sonipat.

3. Fun Activities

  • RidesRide on some of the earliest modes of transportation from the bygone era – be it a bullock cart, a camel or a horse drawn tonga. Experience unique excitement and fun. Take a tour of the entire village in style, savouring the sights and sounds.
  • Mehndi (Henna)At Chokhi Dhani, Sonipat, you can choose from an extensive variety of intricate henna designs and get a beautiful one done by experienced professionals.  
  • Skill GamesEnjoy trying your hand at an array of skill games like dart, shooting and rejoice in your victory. Chokhi Dhani village is not just a favourite among adults, but children too. There are children play areas with slides and other kids activities to keep them happy and entertained.
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