Camping Sites around Mumbai that Promise Respite from Hectic City Life

Life in a metropolis is extremely fast-paced and busily astir with people from all walks of life striving to meet their professional and personal dreams. Mumbai is no different and its pace is infectious once you fall prey to it. You never wish to slow down and even if you wish, you never can! From thickly crowded buses and metro to offices, to busy streets to crammed apartments, life in Mumbai goes on and on, much like what you see in an offbeat Bollywood movie.

However, once in a while, it is absolutely necessary to break free from this never-ending hustle and find a place away from it – a place where all you hear is a cuckoo’s call instead of the incongruous honks of angry vehicles. If you are a person who yearns for an adventurous escape and loves to be lulled under a star-studded night sky, camping is for you! And if you are wondering about where to go camping near Mumbai, keep calm and read on. In this blog, we bring you a list of the best camping sites that are just a short drive away from the city.

Camping Sites around Mumbai within 100 km

1. Yeoor Hills

Popularly known as the hill station of Thane, Yeoor Hills are nestled inside the well-known Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Mumbaikars love visiting this place every now and then, to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life. You can spend some precious time among trees, learn about them, listen to birds, camp near Upvan Lake, enjoy a short picnic, and go for a hike too. During your stay here, you can also get well acquainted with the flora and fauna of this national park while exploring the traditional villages nearby.

2. Uttan – the Perfect Place to Stargaze with Your Partner

If you are on a lookout for camping near Mumbai for couples, Uttan is just the right place for you. It is a coastal town off the Gorai Beach, located north of Mumbai, and the perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway. Guess what, the place is also known for its seafood which will remain etched in your hearts. Camping under the starry sky with your partner while listening to live bands playing popular numbers is an experience you will cherish for many decades. You can enjoy the Goan aura in Gorai beach or take a tour of the fishing village while camping here. 

3. Karnala – When Birdies Come Calling

Tired of looking at people and spreadsheets all through the week? How about watching some birds instead, this weekend? Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a place for every bird lover who has the patience and knack for spotting birds. The sanctuary houses over 222 species of birds including resident ones, breeding migrants, and passage migrants. 

4. Khopoli

Another popular lakeside spot for camping near Mumbai, Khopoli is a gem surrounded by the lush greenery of Western Ghats. It offers you a chance to explore nearby waterfalls and trek in the hills. You can also spend memorable evenings here, thanks to barbeques and live musical nights. If you love to engage in outdoor games, you can play badminton, volleyball, cricket or even go for a swim. Don’t forget to avail the best offers around the months of December and January. Usually, the weather here is always pleasant, and therefore, you can enjoy any activity here around the year. However, the peak season is usually after October as the sky is clear then and people book overnight tents to spend weekends or holidays with friends and family.

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