Best Things To Do In Japan

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and coastal seas, the Japanese archipelago consists of over 6800 islands and stretches nearly 3000 km from north to south, offering a diversity of landscapes and wildlife. Breathtaking mountain views, picturesque coastlines, majestic volcanoes and vast forests are waiting to be explored and admired. At the same time, it’s a country with the largest metropolis in the world, mega-cities as well as enchanting towns filled with amazing culture and traditions. Every adventurous soul and admirer of beauty will find something for himself. For fine dining enthusiasts too, Japan is the best destination as it has the maximum number of Michelin starred restaurants in the world.

We take you on a journey of discovery to this beautiful land. Here are some of the best things to do in Japan.


When in Tokyo you cannot miss the stunning view of Mount Fuji – the highest mountain in Japan, a beautifully symmetrical volcano. It’s a well-known symbol of Japan and known as the most instagrammable spot. Fuji is snow-capped for 5 months in a year. The shortest way to get a view of this must-see place in Tokyo is via the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station. In Hakone mountain town nearby you can experience hot springs and a volcanic valley before hopping on a bullet train to Kyoto.


If you are a green tea lover, then there is no better place for you than Kyoto, especially Gion district. Frappes, ice creams, cakes, everything is matcha-oriented, so enjoy green tea in any form!

From Kyoto, you can easily get into a bullet train and in half an hour reach Osaka – the second largest metropolitan area in Japan.


Among must-visit places in Osaka, there is Osaka Castle, Shinsekai area and Dotonbori. The second one will definitely take you back in time and make you experience a mix of vibes. Osaka’s principal tourist destination is Dōtonbori where the best street food resides and a wide variety of shops.

Best Time To Visit Japan

The best time to visit Japan starts from March to May and September to November. In April there is an amazing opportunity to see traditional dance performance Miyako Odori at Kyoto Shijo “Minamiza”. For that you need to book the tickets in advance, selling starts 6th Jan 2019 for the coming year.

The Country of Blooming Cherries feels the most magical in the middle of March till April because it’s the time when cherry tree blossoms cover the parks with their magical charm.

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