Best Places To Visit In Trashigang In 2022: The Enchanting Tranquil Bhutanese Town

Trashigang is a beautiful serene town of Bhutan – the Jewel of the East. Trashigang town is the capital of Trashigang Dzongkhag district which is also the largest district of the county. The name of this place is derived from the word ‘Tshangla’ which means “easterner” in the local language of Bhutan. Although it is not very urbanized, Trashigang occupies a major stake in the population of Bhutan.

Trashigang Dzong Fortress

Trashigang Dzong Fortress is one of the best places to visit in Trashigang. Situated on the steep cliffs – the fort is bestowed with an extremely strategic location surrounded by the rivers Gamri Chhu and Drangme Chhu. This magnificent fort is the oldest monument of the town, built in the 17th century as a defense against the Tibetan invaders. Today local administration uses the structure.

Chorten Kora

Another prominent place in the city, Chorten Kora is an eminent stupa situated just right to the Kulong river in Trashiyangtse. It is known to be built in the late 18th century by the descendant of Shabdrung Ngawang – prominent historical figure in Bhutan. Building this astounding stupa structure took almost a dozen of years. According to the beliefs and ancient Bhutanese culture, Stupa is regarded as highly sacred and locals believe that it guards them against demonic forces. 

Merak Valley

The tranquil Merak Valley also called the ‘land of broken people’ in Bhutan is one of the top places to visit in Trashigang. It is situated in a hilly area which is around 3000m above sea level. The most population residing here is said to be of nomadic people. The basic lifestyle of people here has remained unaltered for hundreds of years. Surrounded with beautifully enthralling plains at a height, the Merak Valley is embedded with extremely beautiful vegetation. Experiencing this place and the peaceful and raw lifestyle of its people will surely be an eye-opener. Merak valley is around 1.5 hours of drive away from the center of Trashigang town.

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