In a unique event, never done before by anyone, CPAA organized a motorcycle rally over the 7000 km GOLDEN QUADRiLATERAL [GQ], which comprises of many National Highways. Starting from the Bandra End of the Bandra-Worli sealink, Two bikers: Devjeet Saha, age 24, MBA student from Pune & Miss Vartika Pande, age 22, Law student from Pune riding TVS Apache RTR180, were flagged off by the top brass of CPAA, Hindustan Petroleum & Aircel. The bike was courtesy TVS Motor Co. & the engine 0il for the bikes was sponsored by TVS TRU4.

Saddle Sore on Hero Impulse

It was a great opportunity to spread cancer awareness among the youth along the GQ.

Starting from Bombay on Monday 10th May and riding thru Surat, Jaipur, Delhi, Varanasi, Kolkata, Boob An Ishwar, Vizag, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Bombay ending on Saturday 22nd May. In each city, Devjeet and Vartika made Power-Point presentations in educational institutes on the dangers of tobacco and its link to cancer. They also distributed anti-cancer & anti-tobacco literature at these places. It is a privilege to contribute to such a noble cause.

Saddle Sore on Hero Impulse

The technical planning for this unique event was done by bikeguru Dilip Bam. The two bikes were backed up by a Tavera containing one Pune mechanic named Suresh Kumawat & two of Devjeet's friends from Jaipur: Yogesh Bilunia & Harsh Mathuria. Due to the internal travelling [within cities] for publicity & propaganda, the total distance covered was 7000 km in 12 days - a minimum of 600 km every day. The temperature in Delhi was 45 degrees Celcius and in Banda was 49 Celcius. Also Cyclone Laila hit them along the east coast from Vizag to Chennai (night riding in rain) and even Chennai to Bengaluru (night riding in rain). The rally concluded successfully within the stipulated time on May 22. This event was widely reported in the press on 31 May, which is WORLD ANTI-TOBACCO DAY.

The support and back up provided by Hindustan Petroleum [HP] was very good, excellent & best. At every petrol pump where the bikers stopped to fill up their tanks, the HP officers were there, even at 02:00 a.m. and 03:00 a.m. (night), and provided us food and drinks and other comforts. I have done many events in the last two years, sponsored by various bodies. Yet the physical support provided by HP people, is the best.

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