All You Need To Know About Skiing In Auli In 2022

Skiing in Auli, hot chocolate, piping hot Himalayan brunches and magnificent views of Uttarakhand, this elegant adventure town is a destination worth the trip.

Auli is neither the largest nor highest mountain town in India nor an internationally recognized destination that you will find splashed on the cover of travel guides. But something about its authority as India’s premier ski resort destination contrives to make it a dream holiday in the mind of many adventurers. The closest definition of this hill station that was originally developed as a paramilitary station is reflected not in its snow-covered peaks, but the handful of local communities who played a key role in developing this place into what it is today. Crowned by acres of oak plantations, the magnificence can be best observed before sunrise on a clear day as the sunrise breaks through to reach the ground, illuminating everything in its path.

While exploring this town is an experience that encompasses all the magic in itself, skiing is another chapter in the story of how this place came to be.

Uttrakhand’s Ski Capital

While things are always adventurous in the alpine fields of Auli, even during the warmer seasons, this place is a landscape doused in art and history. A skiing break in Auli means bright days, layers of snow, and a soothing atmosphere as you learn or flex your skills rushing downhill on the slopes. Beyond the adrenaline rush, explore the lesser-known corners of Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers National Park with frequent rest stops to savour regional flavours. If you’re visiting for a long weekend, there’s more to cherish just around the corner with a detour to places like Gorson Bugyal, Pangerchulla Summit, and Tapovan.

The Best Time For Skiing In Auli

The ski season generally runs from January to March. However, we recommend that you travel during the offpeak season if you want to enjoy this place without the crowds. The month of March is one of the most popular months for skiing in Auli when travellers from all around India flock to enjoy the last day of snow before spring.

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