8 Places Around The World Where You’re Not Allowed To Click A Selfie

1. Disneyland, California

Next time you are at any Disney park, do not try taking that selfie you have been waiting for. It’s prohibited and punishable with a fine.

2. Colosseum , Italy

“The amount of physical space that the attendees occupy while taking a selfie not only blocks the movement but also poses threat to the fragile items on display.” – the authorities at the historic monument shared with a daily newspaper.

3. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Taking a selfie at Mecca is unacceptable. It is believed that the act of clicking a selfie distracts people from the prayers and rituals.

4. Pampolina, Spain

Wonder what was the need for this rule! Anyway, it’s unimaginable to think of people clicking selfies while the beasts run after them.

5. New York State

After a disturbing number of “tiger selfies” appeared online, the New York state made posing with a big cat illegal. So no more selfies with a lion or a tiger.

6. Lake Tahoe, California

The ban is not only for human safety, it is also for the bears out there as the area gets flooded with people taking selfies with bears.

7.  Garoupe, France

In order to let travelers enjoy their moments, tourism advocates have denounced selfies in some parts of this popular beach. Two sections have signboards to indicate spots that are “No Braggie Zones.”

8. Australian Open Tennis, Melbourne

During the 2015 tournament, the organizers have banned selfies along the courts. However, there are 20 designated spots in the stadium to take selfies.

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