5 State Bhavan Restaurants In Delhi: Dilli Darshan

Before reading this post, must read the master post on Places to visit in Delhi: Dilli Darshan. Going out to eat is an experience which everyone loves. However, the one thing everyone complains about is the pocket pinch. We’re talking about the common people of course. Not the ones carrying Louis Vuitton clutches, interchanging clothes from Prada and Gucci as frequently as drinking water! If you’re in Delhi craving food and willing to try different cuisines but have a budget, the various state-run Bhavans would be your best bet. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Andhra Bhavan

The Andhra Bhavan canteen is always crowded, believe me. Either go early before the lunch hour rush begins or after 2.30 pm when the crowds begin to disperse. With the set-course unlimited vegetarian thali (meal) you can choose to add mutton, chicken or prawn. Everyone is served rice, roti, various vegetables, lentils, yogurt and a sweet. The entire experience is just divine.

Samrudhi – Kerala House

Can’t visit Kerala? Why not try the authentic food at the Kerala House staff canteen? You can walk to Jantar Mantar Road from the Rajiv Chowk metro station and then tuck into a hearty meal of brown rice with sambar and seasonal vegetables. And the best part is, it’s super pocket-friendly!

Nagaland House

Love pork? Visit Nagaland House for the ribs. The spices are just right and the meat is sinful. You can have the rice and lentils served with a helping of boiled vegetables along with the famous fish chutney (made with dried fish, tomatoes, chilies and secret spices), but it’s the pork which makes the meal unforgettable.

Viva O’Viva – Goa Niwas

Missing the Goa beaches? I can’t promise you the beach view, but Goa Niwas in Chanakyapuri serves authentic Goan food which will take your taste buds down memory lane. This eatery is a gift for those who crave authentic Goan food. The ambiance gives you a feel as if you are in Goa and are enjoying your food with Goan music playing in the background. It does a great job in delivering the delicacies of this wonderfully crafted cuisine.

Jakoi – Assam Bhavan

Enjoy authentic Assamese cuisine in the form of Chicken cooked in Bamboo, Gooseberry Soup, fish and duck preparations and more. They also have Thali meals where one could savor Assamese food in all its splendor. Along with these dishes they also have normal Chinese and North Indian dishes, that are a treat for the taste buds.

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