4 Must-Visit Lakes in and around Delhi

The capital city of India is a major sightseeing destination, attracting tourists from across the world. Amongst the many places to visit in New Delhi are a couple of lakes, which are a haven of peace and tranquillity. The landscape, the silence, the natural beauty – everything about these lakes in and around Delhi can impress you effortlessly. These lakes are probably your best bet if you are looking for places in Delhi for couples or want to spend a bit of me-time. So, try and squeeze in a few hours in your itinerary to visit these tranquil lakes. 

1. Hauz Khas Tank, Delhi

The name itself explains the identity of this popular tourist location in the historic Hauz Khas Complex in New Delhi. Literally, ‘hauz’ in the Urdu language refers to a lake or water tank and ‘khas’ refers to royal; thus, Hauz Khas collectively refers to the royal lake or tank.

2. Naini Lake, Delhi

One of the best places to relax not too far from the city is Naini Lake – not the one in Nainital! Located in northern Delhi, this lake is a beautiful natural escape from the city madness. It is a great place for family picnics during the weekend; you can relax on the banks of the lake while enjoying food with friends and family.

3. Sanjay Lake, Delhi

Sanjay Lake is one’s best bet as a tranquil spot to rejuvenate amidst the hustle-bustle of city life. It is an artificial lake developed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in East Delhi. The calm and peaceful environment around the lake is a pleasant surprise for city dwellers.

4. Tilyar Lake, Haryana 

A beautiful green belt spread over 132 acres, Tilyar Lake complex is a hotspot for nature lovers. This weekend getaway from Delhi is often visited by migratory birds and even has a mini zoo which is home to tigers, panthers, deer, monkeys, etc.

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