4 Fun things to do in Noida

The growth of IT companies, improved infrastructure and medical facilities, and surge in residential housing projects have transformed Noida into an urban city. Vicinity to Delhi has further made Noida one of the most preferred cities to live and work in. But urbanization is just one of the key attractions for city dwellers. There’s so much to see and explore in Noida that it is slowly becoming a favorite hangout place of Delhiites. So, let’s look at the fun things to do in Noida that make living here or visiting it a fantastic experience.

Visit Smaaash, the Gaming Paradise

Smaaash is a gaming and entertainment center with a blend of virtual reality, sports, music, arcades, and dining experience. If you are a cricket lover, play on their multiple indoor pitches, and you will love the feeling. When you are exhausted, head to their dining section to relax over a drink and delicious food.

Head to Snow World for a Unique Experience

Whether it’s summer, winter, or monsoon, it’s always freezing inside Snow World. It’s an adventure park with activities like snowboarding, ice sliding, snow fall, snow sledging, ice skating and more. If you are looking for a unique experience, this could be the right place to spend time with friends and family.

Spend the Day at WOW

Worlds of Wonder (WOW) is an amusement park and water park that was opened in 2007. The park has more than 20 rides and a go-kart to give you an adrenaline rush. The Lake WOW, which is among the largest man-made lakes in Delhi-NCR, is also a key attraction at the park. The lake has colorful fishes as well as facilities for boat rides. If you are looking for some outdoor fun, WOW is an amazing place to visit with friends and family.

Try Food Stalls at Brahmaputra Market

Also known as BP, Brahmaputra Market is a foodie’s paradise. Be it tikki, momos, shawarma, boti kebab, malai chap, rabri or cold coffee, you will find stalls of all popular dishes at BP. While good food brings people to this market, the price makes them come back. When you are in Noida, a visit to Brahmaputra Market is something unavoidable.

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