4 Cafes in Mumbai

With an extremely diverse food culture, the cafes in this city almost spoil you with the wide variety of choices they offer. From classic eggs kejriwal to chicken sliders to chorizos, Mumbai offers it all. Here are some of the best cafes in Mumbai famous for their wholesome and unique menus and quirky and stylish ambience.

1. Le 15 Patisserie, Mumbai

A popular dessert parlour and fine patisserie, which is also ranked as one of the best cafes in Mumbai. With its French style café interiors, this place is ideal for a short break from the mundane life.

2. Prithvi Café, Mumbai

Situated in the Legendary Prithvi Theatre, it is a great café in Mumbai for couples. You can have a fun and romantic evening under the mood lighting of the lanterns and trees in this open-air café. 

3. Candies, Mumbai

An all-time favourite of Mumbaikars, this café has been the go-to place for everyone for the longest time. With its delicious menu and a cute little gift store inside, this café is a must-visit in Mumbai.

4. Samvene – The Bagel Café, Mumbai

Emanating a classic French café vibe from every corner, Samvene really transports you to the European country. Perfect for a breakfast date, it is an ideal café in Mumbai for couples.

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