4 Amazing Cafes In Bangkok Is Every Food Connoisseur’s Ultimate Dream!

To taste the traditional and local food of Bangkok, you must visit the cafes in the city as you explore the different cuisines and drinks. If you have trouble looking for the perfect cafes to binge at then have a sneak-peak at the best cafes to visit in Bangkok that are listed below:

1. Pooltime Café

With delectable dishes and even tastier drinks, Pooltime Cafe should be on every explorer’s list. Counted as one of the cute cafes in Bangkok, this spot has an interior to melt for; splashes of pink, blue and white complimented with adorable chairs make up the beauty of this cafe. Located only 25-minutes away from The Platinum Fashion Mall, Pooltime Cafe is a must-visit for everyone.

2. Sretsis Parlour

This luxurious café is a dream-like location with floors adorned by daisies, a ceiling that looks like the sky and flowered wallpapers. This is one of the unique cafes in Bangkok which is worth visiting because of its peaceful and classy with illustrations on walls, teacups, cakes and what not!

3. Big Dog Café

If you haven’t visited the Big Dog Cafe then you haven’t visited Bangkok at all! The cafe incorporates a pool for the doggies and it is in itself, heartily embellished with wood and flower emphasizes just as luxurious rockers. At the point when you head out to the terrace, you’ll view an outside seating region where pixie lights sparkle around evening time.

4. Floral Café

Amidst Bangkok’s Old Town, covered up in its blossom showcase lies a charming mystery cafe that favors you with a botanical plenitude. Other than being covered up in a blooming flower, the cafe likewise expects you to stroll through a blossom shop before going gaga over its magnificence – brightened from floor to roof with healthy blooms, precious stones, branches and everything magical.

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