3 Things to do in Bangalore

Bangalore…a city that has so much to offer when it comes to taking some time off work and relaxing with friends, with family or enjoying some “me time”. The city is a haven for food lovers, adventure lovers, solitude and enlightenment seekers, and plain simple fun lovers. This cosmopolitan will not disappoint you in any way when you are trying to find things to do in Bangalore, a city which is now much more than just the City of Gardens.

Things to Do in Bangalore:

1. Picnicking at Hesaraghatta Lake

Another one of the natural beauties of the city is this decade-old freshwater lake, which is the source of water for the people of Bangalore. The reverie of the place is broken only by the sound of birds. You can enjoy a blissful picnic on the banks of this lake while some amazing birds like Bushlarks, Paddy Field Pipit, Pond Heron, Black Drongo, Magpie Robin, Brahminy Kite, Cormorants, Egret, and Pale Billed Flowerpecker soar above you.

2. Admiring the Natural Beauty at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

Splashes of colour in every shade possible and the scent of flowers transport you to a state of zen instantly when you enter the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Nature is in full bloom at this park which comes across as an oasis in the tech city. Rows and rows of exotic flowers and over a thousand species of plants keep you transfixed and spread a sense of calm all over you. Some trees in this garden are as old as hundred years. This park is spread over almost 40 acres and was set up Hyder Ali, who was one of the famous rulers of Mysore. Some highlights of the park include rare species of tropical plants, a clock adorned with flowers, and a Snow White and Seven Dwarfs themed park.

3. Boating on Ulsoor Lake

Be it with friends, family or even alone, boating on this lake is always a fabulous experience. Located right in the centre of the city, Ulsoor Lake is the almost like a lifeline for the people of Bangalore who are looking for a respite from their mundane routine. There are several small islands in this lake where you can stop over for a while. If you just want to relax in the surroundings, then, you can take a stroll along the pathway on the side of the lake.

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